25 January 2020


Excerpts from The Constitutive Protocol of the Glocal Romania Cluster


The identity accumulations and local-specific creativity traditions can add value and ensure competitiveness for local products and services, be it natural, cultural or touristic. By involving the creative industry, research and development activities, such products can enter the circuit of national values, European and international, through uniqueness and local flavor.

The mere presence of these is not enough, as long as articulated programs and capitalization systems do not work.

The wealth given by identity to communities lies precisely from its intangible and immaterial nature, changing in an increasingly globalized world that is continuously changing as well.

The capitalization of identities becomes more feasible thanks to new technologies and the possibilities offered by networks such as clusters.
The cluster as a solution

The development of clusters favors a creative approach to natural and anthropogenic potential, which includes alongside lifestyle, crafts, traditional occupations and industries, also the results of a modern world, the relationships that communities have with the environment, unique natural resources, products and local services etc.

Our vision is to build superior territorial identities through expertise and responsibility, in a multidisciplinary program, able to create business-level structures for rural and urban communities, integrated in capitalization networks for both material and immaterial production.

  • We identify appropriate brands and marketing actions by accumulating specific know-how that start with documenting on-spot (needs, potential, human resources, community goals, etc.) and through specializing cluster members with the current marketing methods.
  • We develop brands and put together a marketing plan through information technology, by attending as many events of the participants involved in the development and capitalization of local brands.
  • We increase competitiveness through joint participation in domestic and international markets, further training of managers and employees, establishment and administration of a common database, collaboration with institutions in the field, with local authorities, collaboration with research institutions and innovation, educational institutions, collaborating with other clusters in the country and abroad.
  • But first of all, we provide general access to information about the products and services of the communities included in our program.


This cluster aims to increase the reputation and strengthen the confidence in the quality of the produce and services of the communities, promoted by members, for customers from both Romania and abroad.

The players of this cluster and their role

Public Authorities

The sustainable development of local communities by harnessing their potential is the responsibility of the local government.

Their involvement relates to: capitalization of the cluster’s activities and its overall functioning, disseminating accumulated expertise, legislative updates, marketing the products/ services and tourism destinations etc.

Public or Private Entities from the creative industries

The conservation of flagship elements and their capitalization and marketing are subject to many operators in the creative industries; their involvement in the cluster is an essential element for its success.

Hotels. Travel agencies. Specialists

The involvement of this sector includes: development, upgrade of the welcoming tourist structures, creation of integrated tourism products etc.

Universities. Research centers

The involvement of the research-developement-innovation sector includes: developing a strategy for research and innovation, cooperation with representatives of the economic environment toghether with practitioners and specialists in the field of research. Also, we have to mentioned the need to have a PR and marketing strategy in place, in order to create a regional brand accepted by all involved.

Catalyst Institutions

The role of catalyst institutions is: integrated projects, financing, operation etc.